Concrete slabs or paving stone?

There are different materials to make a driveway with, but the two most popular are arguably concrete slabs and paving stones. Concrete slabs are, as the name implies, big slabs of concrete that gives your driveway a minimalistic look while lasting for years. It is not the fanciest solution, but it serves its purpose. Paving stone does have a more personal look to it and it comes in different styles, colours, and sizes depending on how you want to build your driveway or other types of paving. Naturally, both styles of paving have their specific benefits — it is just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Less maintenance with concrete slabs

Firstly, the most significant benefit of the concrete slab is that it comes in big pieces. When building the driveway, dealing with large blocks of materials often equals a less amount of work done. In other words, the puzzle has less pieces that needs to be connected. Secondly, since there are fewer gaps between the slabs, you will not have to deal with weeds and moss in the same extent as with smaller slabs or paving stones. Overall, you do not have to work as much with concrete slabs as with other types of paving.

A minimalistic impression

Design-wise, the concrete slab might not be the most colourful and unique type of material, but it is simple and serves its purpose. With concrete, you get less visual interruptions because of the big slabs covering large areas. The larger the slabs, the fewer gaps and ugly connections. To some people, this type of minimalistic design is more presentable than small paving stones or garden tiles, because it provides a certain impression of coherence and purity to your home. Usually, this type of driveway paving is also the cheapest solution — at least compared to garden tiles and paving stones.

Visual appeal

As concrete slabs might be a tad too boring to some people, paving stones are the preferred choice of material for many. They are very versatile in terms of both style and size, and you can get them in almost any colour you want. You can mould you driveway into almost anything and the design options seem endless. Paving stones allows you to be creative and get your garden and driveway paving just as you want. Your home defines who you are, and with versatile stones instead of large concrete blocks, you can create a home exactly according to your ideas.

Commit to a project and get a better result

Paving and driveways look better when being made with paving stone, but it does take more time and effort. In the end, however, the result will most likely be better than if the pavement was made with concrete slabs, and you need to consider your long term satisfaction when contemplating the material for the driveway or garden paths. With more small gaps in between the paving stones, moss and weeds are more likely to emerge — depending on the soil and sun exposure, naturally.

Choose wisely

Remember that whatever you decide to go with, it will stay there for a long time. Regardless of whether you want the visually appealing paving stones or the low-maintenance concrete slabs, you are making a choice that will last for many years. Think wisely and do not rush a decision, because once you have started, there is no way back unless you are fine with a severe wasting of time and material. Both types of paving can work in multiple situations — but does it work in yours?