Containers today are not what they used to

Containers (also known as intermodal containers) has been used for shipping in large industries for many years. But during the recent years a new trend as appeared and suddenly the buyer behind a container is not always an industrial giant, but can instead be a private person.

Containers are not what they used to

What do you think of when you envision a container? A cold, hard and empty box of metal, right? The truth is that containers today can be so much more.

A container today can be both heated, fitted with electrical wiring and isolation to keep the goods inside the container safe, warm and dry.

Containers also come in many different sizes today and not just the standard size that is widely used in many industries today.

These qualities have contributed to opening up to a number of new possibilities with these wonderful, big metal boxes. This article will not go into detail with all the possibilities, but merely talk about a few of them, so keep reading.

Using a container as a house

The environment is an important issue in many households today, and alternative ways to build are becoming more and more popular.

Among some, building with shipping containers is an earth conscious and cost friendly way to build a dream house. The containers used are sometimes second-hand, but can still in prime quality due to their sturdy nature. Most often though they are new containers which also makes the job easier — new containers today can be of a very high quality as mentioned earlier.

Alternatively, a container is also suitable to be used as a gardening shed. It is easy to purchase the container, and it can be delivered and placed on a property with very short notice. Another advantage is that she gardening shed easily can me moved later on.

The upkeep is also very easy since it is only really necessary to clean them of algae once in a while, and maybe paint them every 3 or 4 years. This a very little upkeep compared to a normal wooden shed. Another advantage is also that a wooden shed will only last a limited number of years, whereas a container can last indefinitely.

A new storage option

Many live fast paced lives today, and with that lifestyle comes a lot of belongings. This also warrants some issues in transitional phases where the belongings turn into an obstacle instead of a joy. This could for example be during a move cross country or when moving in with a loved one.

To combat this problem, some choose to rent a container to store their belongings in a shorter or longer period of time.

Renting a container can be a cheap alternative to other self storage options — especially if bigger quantities and furniture needs to be kept safe.

Some businesses choose to buy a container for storage when all other storage spaces in their building is used. This option is often very cheap compared to having to find another venue for the business. Another advantage is that the business keeps their extra storage close to the main warehouse which makes the daily workflow much easier. A final plus is that the container can easily be sold off if the need for it should disappear again.

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The possibilities with containers are endless, and this article has barely scratched the surface on the subject. Just imagine what can be done with and inexpensive, quality space that is moveable.