Because it will happen, unless you make it not happen.

NOTE: to skip the story and go right to the how-to part (if you REALLY have to), scroll down to “What You Need to Do”. 

The Backstory

Before I completely cut the umbilical cord between me and full-time employment, in order to fully embrace the freedom, flexibility, and empowerment of the glorious…

Host your static assets with ease!*

*As per all things AWS-related, you may or may not experience splitting headaches and/or fits of cursing. This is my attempt at curbing these effects.

Do What, Now?

If you want to use an Amazon S3 Bucket to host any static assets that you either want to include in your code somewhere…

So stop whining about SEO

I’m sorry — ok, not really — but I’m really tired of people complaining about how it’s such a pain to make AngularJS apps/sites/whatever-you-want-to-call-them indexable by search engine spiders. Yes, Google is *the* search giant (“Bing® it on” lol), so it might make sense to be frustrated…

Marshall Klickman

Believer, husband, father, brother. Web design + HTML/CSS/JS/Rails. Guitars (electric & air). Metallica, Foo Fighters, etc. Punctuation. No printers.

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