them too


that job interview turned date
that catcall ignored, replied by hate
every time you said, 
“I’m sorry
don’t worry”

don’t worry
about things that haven’t happened
because they will

that twenty minutes of action
that inaudible retraction
knowing there’s no belief
and never finding relief
we cut our teeth 
on daily interactions
from the benign to the
yet see
potential escalation
in every interaction

invent a man to protect you
because it is assumed
you won’t 
protect yourself

not living in fear
but fearless
knowing we have to keep going
even if there are too many

we can turn the screen off
but the movie will keep playing

the reach of a stranger’s cold hand
to your warm face
when packing heat
the unrequested embrace
the angry whispering
the silent violence
the casting couch
the shameful silence
the “he was nice to mes”
the refuse to sees
the “what about these” refocusing
on flaccid members
of frail clubs
you’re not invited to
when firm in your
declarations that

enough is enough

enough is too much
enough is not enough
to stop
the infatuations
the killings 
and the condemnations

you are human when convenient
and there are those
who prefer you never
forget that

you are human when convenient
but why
when you can be a vessel
or a tomb
an invaded womb
an empty room to paint
with misery
and expectation
to be demolished
when inconvenient

leave her on the bathroom floor
pulling her hair out
don’t look at it

elation comes to the weary
when we are left