originally written 11/6/15

i lost my words
or rather
they were stolen from me
lost to time and greed
but valueless to the thief
time and chance
time and change
time to start over
time to begin
and time to heal
from those things that were packed
in baggage
that got left behind

all i remember is that we traded blows 
others had inflicted
and i love you, brother
you’ve made for me gifts
too precious to value
in dollars
so i’ll forever make time 
for you
i love you despite neither of us
what love is
i love you like the brother
i always had

so in this notebook
i start anew
because i am new
not born again
but newly minted
but not immune from 
though this time
i’ll be more careful
with who handles me
and i’ll take some dings
in the process
but i won’t be broken
bruised but not broken
and a slight pleasure
in my pain
because this time 
i took what i wanted
rather than just
being taken