Bad Poem

A bad poem always has a rhyme

This rhyme can happen at any time

But when that rhyme is broken

It ruins the piece

Sometimes rhymes in poems can be well executed

Sometimes not

It all depends on the writer’s knowledge about the formation and flow of poetry

I feel really bad having to write this piece

No one really wants to read it

Some lines are long

Some short

I’m trying to annoy the reader

I’m decent at poetry as I’ve been told in the past

This piece is so cringy I’m having a blast

With uses of rhyme here and there

I’m going to stop

This piece is just as bad as having to read text from the slave in Huck Finn

I don’t know why I am continuing this piece

I’ve stopped focusing on bad things to do in poetry

I think I have taken this poem way too far

I’m just rambling on and on and on

I’m like one of those presidential speeches while your favorite show is on

I’m preventing you from having time relaxing

You could have spent this time faxing

This is getting out of hand

This poem seems to need to be wrapped up shortly

Make sure to not write something as bad as this

Reading this poem to my cat just made it hiss

I know I said that I wouldn’t continue to rhyme

I don’t care anymore

The end

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