Saint Lawrence River, Quebec.

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Article #5: Transitioning from nature to the vibrant cities of Quebec

With the Maritimes becoming a summer memory, the next location was going to be Quebec. My first stop was a campsite I used when I made my way towards the East Coast in the gorgeous town of Riviere Du Loup. Located on the South Shore of the Saint Lawrence River, I loved it out here the first time I came with the gorgeous sunset setting over the rolling landscape. The night that I arrived was even better. The weather was warmer, I got to the sunset a littler earlier so I could watch the many colours throughout the evening. My objective for this province was visiting the old city of Quebec, Montmorency Falls, Jacques Cartier National Park, and Montreal. After settling into my campsite, I got some food from a local grocery store, got supper cooked and consumed, and with a plan in line for the next two days I was ready to go.

The morning rose from the darkness and was already showcasing promise for great weather conditions. With my GPS ready to go, a caffeinated beverage consumed, I got onto the highway and made my way south. Travelling alongside the Saint Lawrence River presented itself with some great landscape photography. The beautiful tall grass moved around with the wind gently blowing in the area. The sun was at the right angle for some sharp contrast over the landscape so I took a few shots after taking in the cool morning atmosphere. With having a camera in hand, I try to take the time to always gain a mental photograph of new locations that I get to see. Those mental photographs get utilised hopefully throughout the rest of my life for potential future locations that I’d like to come back too. You never know when you might need a unique setting for a photo shoot. The farmland alongside the Trans-Canada Highway was gorgeous with the rich colours they produced. What I equally liked was some of the homesteads had solar panels on their acreages which were exciting to see since the practice of utilising self-sustaining energy is something I want to invest into. As I’m starting to see the city buildings popping in the distance, I decided that I wanted to treat myself and get a hotel room for the night. I get to my room and the first thing that I did was take a short nap on an actual bed. What an amazing feeling! I eventually woke up from my blissful state of mind, jumped in the shower which was an equally amazing time, and made my way to the city of Quebec.

Saint Lawrence River, Quebec.

Quebec city, with a population of 540, 994, is a huge place. Being the capital city of the province, there’s so much to see and do. You’ve got buildings like the hotel Chateau Frontenac that sits in the Citadelle Fortress that surround Old Quebec. This is where I spent the first part of my day. When I got into the town I was welcomed by an outdoor festival that was causing traffic congestion. With construction and detours appearing throughout my travels, my GPS had a workout to its final destination. When I was finally getting close to my end destination, it was a matter of finding parking. My car had a roof rack with a cargo carrier and my bicycle which sits upright. Having the bicycle sitting upright makes it over eight feet tall which caused issues for indoor parkades. With a little bit of patience, and looking around for outdoor parking, my wish was granted. Every time that I get into busy areas like this my bicycle has been my saviour. I started exploring around seeing what I could find. There was outdoor entertainment in different areas of the town. One of the areas had this performer that was placing an amazing show. Everyone was engaged in the performance and so was I, so much so that I had to take a photograph.

Street Performer sharing his gift to the spectators. Old Quebec, Quebec.
Old Quebec, Quebec.

Being another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Quebec occupies the Upper and Lower town Of Quebec City. There’s a lot of reminders throughout the area that lets you know that there was a military presence here many moons ago. Some of the buildings can date as far back as the 17th century but you could never tell. Everything that I got a chance to see was immaculate and beautiful. The roadways are slightly narrower but luckily they’re some horse and buggies you can hop into and get a feel of how transportation would have felt like a few hundred years ago. I got to one location that brought me close to the walls of the fortress with the canons sitting alongside the top of it. You get a good view of the Saint Lawrence River from off the hilltop and instantly I wondered how many other sets of eyes looked from this viewpoint but with different headspaces. I got some street shots of the area and decided to make my way towards my car. I made it out of town decently well and had my eyes fixed on my next prize, Montmorency Falls. Standing at 275 feet high, and 150 feet wide, this astonishing waterfall is a sight to see. There’s a set of staircases that give out different viewpoints and then there’s the suspension bridge that goes over the waterfall. There’s a zip line that goes over the river and in front of the waterfall.Since I didn’t have the funds nor the nerves to try it I took my shots and then made my way to my last destination of the day, Jacques Cartier National Park. Located in the Laurentian Mountains, this park is a tremendous location for the gorgeous lakes, the dense black spruce forests, and the river valley that’s within the area. I heard about the Jacques-Cartier Valley through some of the locals and they mentioned it offers a great landscape view when you take some of the lookout points. My issue at the moment was time. I was running out of it. I was a little over an hour away from my hotel, daylight is going away, and I have a potential two-hour hike to get to one of the lookout points. There are some instances where you can’t fit everything into one day so I decided to stick around by one of the riverbeds and enjoy the beautiful landscape from level ground. There will be other opportunities. With the sunset setting over the mountains I made my way to the car and headed back to a comfortable bed with my name on it.

Montmonrency Falls, Quebec.
Jacques Cartier National Park, Quebec.

Day Three has come and it’s time to head forth to another well-known city, Montreal. With a population of 1,649,519, this small town young man was going to have some fun. My first stop was in Mount Royal Park. A volcanic-related hill that’s a part of the Monteregian Hills situated in the west of Downtown Montreal, this place was amazing with its various trails that surrounded the area. One of my highlights was the panoramic view of the city of Montreal from the Kondiaronk Belvedere Plaza. I got my bicycle as my main mode of transportation and I wanted to take the time to explore a little of the downtown area. I had a full charge on my cell phone, a bottle of water, some snacks, my camera, and a pocket full of hope and optimism. I got down the hill from where I parked my car and enjoyed how bicycle friendly this city was. There was a lot of cyclists on this beautiful summer day. I was on the hunt for the older parts of the city of Montreal. The structures in the area are absolutely stunning. The Notre-Dame Basilica Church was one example. Standing at 200 feet tall and 151 feet in width, built 186 years ago, this intricate and architectural behemoth is truly stunning to see. I loved seeing the horse and buggies rolling along the cobblestone roads. These locations are great because they give you the opportunity to take a walk into another time. You have to admire the people that had the skill sets to create these structures with the technology that was available at the time. After daydreaming of horseback riding through this city, I got on my two-wheeled stallion and made my way alongside the Saint Lawrence River trails. There was outdoor music playing and people enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. I enjoyed my ride so much that I didn’t pay attention to where I was going, which would later introduce a dilemma. That realisation of that dilemma came in my mind at around the point where my water bottle was almost empty. Looking around the area I started to wonder where I was. I used my GPS and I was a 45 minutes bike ride away from my car. I didn’t think it was a big deal and that it would be easy to travel on a bicycle, I’ll just go back on the trail I just rode in on. That would work but only for about half of the bike ride. Remember that bit where I said I wasn’t paying attention as to where I was going, well that became the challenge from the older parts of Montreal City to Mount Royal Park. Looking at it now it shouldn’t have been a big deal, like most major cities there’s some sort of grid system with the roadways. That wasn’t the case for me at the time where I was wearing jeans and a dark shirt on a bicycle in 30 plus degree celsius (86 + degrees Fahrenheit) weather with a camera bag on my back with a cellphone that was running on 18% battery power. All I wanted to do was get to my car. I took a deep breath and started on my challenge of the day. I looked at the map and tried to find the best route with the least amount of hills and traffic congestion because I did fail to mention that this was a weekday at around supper time and traffic was going to get heavy. The ride was brutal. I would have a sigh of relief when I could coast down a hill but I was heading towards Mount Royal Park so it was going to be an uphill run for most of the way. I eventually found myself in the park’s boundaries smiling from ear to ear. After buying two bottles of water from a concession stand and disposing of them in a matter of seconds, I made my way to the parking lot. There was an outdoor act that was happening in one of the open areas involving people with Viking clothing with swords and shields and it seemed like they were acting out a fighting scene. I sat down to take a break and enjoyed the show.

Fontaine de Tourny, Quebec.
Old Quebec buildings, Quebec.

With my bicycle strapped to the roof rack, I got into my car and enjoyed the fact that I was sitting in an actual chair and not a small piece of foam fixed on a seat post. I turned on the A/C, and made my way downtown and was instantly reminded of the rush hour that I thought I left behind. You got to have some decent driving skills to get through this obstacle course. Construction happening in various areas, traffic as far as the eye could see. There were some drivers that we’re swerving around traffic aggressively because they wanted to get out of this congestion. In all this lovely mixture you had a small town kid with a Ford Focus ST with a bicycle strapped to the roof catching on the methods that needed to be used in order to drive in these conditions. As stressful as that may sound I had fun. It felt like I was filming a scene for the car movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds”. I finally got onto the Jacques Cartier Bridge and made my way to another hotel that I booked for the evening. I convinced myself that after a long day like this I deserved a shower and a nice comfortable bed. As much commotion that was going on throughout my day, and the adversities that presented themselves along the way, I felt good about it all. It can be tough to transition from being in nature and relaxing small towns to high traffic cities with more lights and noise that you can handle. But within that chaos, there is a beauty that’s worth the time to explore. I enjoy photographers that do city photography if its architecture or portrait or documenting stories or events. Having the pulse of the city captured in photos can be a real challenge but when it’s done right, it can be a beautiful outcome. Tomorrow will be my departure day from this wonderful province, and my next stop will be the capital of this tremendous country, the city of Ottawa that’s within the province of Ontario.

The Chateau Frontenac Hotel, Quebec.

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