Photograph Of The Day: 08/30/17

Location: Botanical Beach. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

How much do you believe in yourself? Can you speak out loud to the world of how much you love being within your skin? With all that makes you who you are, is there any particular aspect of yourself that you would alter, re-evaluate, or abolish altogether? Creating the awareness of one’s self-takes continuous prosperity which in part decimates both internal energy and mental property. The exchange of the intramural spiritual expenditure you place upon yourself can go a long way. One aspect of where our personal growth gets challenged runs alongside how our society gets bombarded with marketed false dreams and publicized media fraudulence; we tend to believe when we see this information campaigned everywhere, our course of action should coincide to its upbeat message.

Before you submit yourself to the thought of investing your time and money into the cause, what could you do for yourself that could change your understanding on what’s lacking or needs to change in your overall state of being? Take the initiative to dig deep into your mind and contemplate the pragmatic logic of why this product or service would add a sense of fulfillment that otherwise leaves you in the present moment inadequate. Be honest with yourself. Play out all the possible outcomes that you can conceive in relations to what dividends you’d attain after the action takes place. Will you be happy? Will you feel like you made the right choice in correlation to your present circumstance?

Try to instill the practices that work for you to reach a conclusion that offers reason and optimal practicality. We should never place ourselves in a disposition where we can’t enjoy the pleasures the fruit of our labors can provide. Indulge in the guilty pleasures that make you happy. Administer slight changes in your journey that isn’t related to your personal or professional endeavors. With that being said, be mindful and conscious of the actions that you take within the short moments of perpetual desires.

As easy as it is to fall victim to temptations we face on a daily basis, always remember who you are, what makes you the emotionally progressive being that continuously grows as time goes on. In a world that tries to profit off your internal awaiting self-discoveries, there’s only one entity that can fulfill what actually matters, and that’s you.

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