what about panel interviews.
Jee Christiansen

Interviewing is like mutual theatre. Your potential employer is trying to convince you that his company is the hottest thing around with nothing but great, interesting projects, and committed red-hot techie pros (might be about 45% true if you’re lucky).

At the same time, you’re trying to convince your prospective boss that you’re the hottest asset since toast was invented, totally up there with all the latest technology, with a family that definitely takes second place when the chips are down and ready to work 12 hours a day indefinitely (some of the first bit might be about 30% true, the rest is definitely porkie pies — to use an English expression).

And at the same time, you have to work out how seriously the guy opposite is likely to take you, because of course you don’t really want to get caught out working all hours and having to smile with it…