The Blizzard

snowfall is silent

just like you

when the lies

weren’t enough


i used to think

heartbreak would feel like

nothing — the absence of everything.

instead it feels like

everything is too much.

as if every memory

was a moment

when your heart fell

an inch closer to the ground.

i can’t remember what

it looked like from above

when you used to wake me up

every saturday morning

because you couldn’t stand

watching me sleep

without holding me.

i forget the rhythm of us

how our bodies fit

and the taste of you

after morning coffee

the warmth of your hand

in the middle of the summer

when you would grab mine

in the market.

i miss the cold parts of the shower

when the water was on you

your eyes were closed

and i watched all of you

get clean.

i remember the turns of the streets

of seville and the olives

we bought at the corner store.

how we watched foreign films

in the artist’s loft in berlin.

you translated the french

and i translated the spanish

time spent with the otherness

of each other.

it’s easiest not to feel your body

when someone has already felt all of it

and has decided it’s not enough.

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