We were all here in this image at one time in American history

Are We Not All Immigrants, One Way or Another?

What if we thought about immigration a totally novel way? Your grandfather is on the boat from Italy (or Portugal, or Poland, or Pakistan) in 1946 after the war, and the ship’s captain takes him aside and says sorry, for reasons I cannot really understand or explain very well, dear child, we have to send you back across the ocean when we dock in NY Harbor. Meaning, your entire life would have unfolded (and that of your father and mother) in another part of the world, with all the mental earthquakes that would have unearthed. You never ended up learning English. You never ever went to a baseball game. You never created your fun, fab, happy, spectacular career the way it has unfolded, in the most entrepreneurial country on the planet, pumping out on a daily basis the greatest mojo history has ever seen.

You were never here. You never existed. You became vapor, nothing. You ARE VAPOR.

Neither existed what your grandfather, grandmother, father and mother created. Maybe a small business employing 25 people. Maybe a new invention at a consumer products company. Maybe a scientific discovery. Maybe a day-care center for autistic children. Maybe your local Rotary Club.

Oh, and by the way, your father never got that education at the college of his choice. He never got an education, he tends the flock now. Twisting in the cold wind. Oh but I miss the cortex thread, maybe he never existed. And neither would you then, right?

He never went to the Thanksgiving Day parade party where he met your mother. Your mother never married him, she now lives in another part of the world entirely, and you will never know her. Or does she even live?

Does this start to make your head spin, and your body squirm? Twisting in your seat yet? Making you teary eyed, blinking, thinking about everything you never received/created/loved/did? How about everything you passed on to all the people in your Facebook world? None of them would be there. They would all BE VAPOR. Time travel back to nothingness. Blur.

That’s the blur America would be without our proud, hard-working, never-say-quit immigrant heritage and all who came before us, and all who will come after us. America would be toast, would BE VAPOR. All you have to think about is what might NOT HAVE BEEN, in so many ways, for so many hugely successful and contented lives in your own circle of life, in the here and now. Just look around you — close your eyes — and imagine all those folks are toast, gone. That’s how it would be.

This is where I kindly suggest you go ==> The American Immigrant Society connection; for all of us to be grateful for being here, strong, and successful; for respecting our past and projecting the same into our future; for our welfare, our prosperity, our peace, our completeness:

Thank you for reading…now go out and listen to the magical sounds of Awesome America.

Peace be with you, Murat.

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