All About Natalia

Today I interviewed Natalia Dmitruk and learned a lot on her views on how life should be like ideally. Even though today was the first time we have met, we both explained how we feel in our lives and how certain people affect us in many ways. A large part of our conversation was based on how we feel about having the right friendship. When I asked her a question about what would an ideal day be for her, a large bulk of her explanation was describing the atmosphere of her surrounding, having it be a cool autumn day and walking around a forest with her friends. But the most important part of her response was that she wants to walk around with her closest friends and just be “hanging out”. As our conversation came along, we talked about many close relationships with other people then we arrived at the question which asks what does she value most in a friendship. Her response was based mostly on the concept of trust. She explained that trust is important because you need to have someone always to be on your side and hopefully they won’t turn against you. She also said “You need to be able to trust someone and open up to them, for them to like really understand who you are”. When I was asked the same question moments later, I gave a very similar response that you need trust in a friendship, and if anything is going on, you should be able to open up to them. After we finished our interviews we learned that we share similar morals and that we got to know each other better than before.

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