The Dark Man

I heard a sharp sound in my ear and at that instant I felt as I could no longer control my body. Everything in the dark hallway faded into a white tint as my body dropped to the ground like a bag of concrete. I could feel the cold tiles pressing against my cheeks as I tried to force myself up off the ground. My eyelids began to seal up but I just had a last moment to see a body standing upon me. My eyes sealed for a final time as time passed like the wind through a valley. I could feel my body being dragged through the winding hallways. Slowly my vision unfolded and all that was with me was a black sign with the words, NO TRESPASSING, VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED. I tried to move my arms but was suddenly halted by cuffs grasping my hands. Lights flashed on as the white light flooded the room. It was a stale room with no color, besides me with my red shirt and pants. I glanced at a metallic door in front of me and watched creak open. A man with a clown mask entered. You didn’t need to see his face his real face to see his disgust against me. The crooked frown and chipping mask sent chills down my spine. Slowly he reached for his mask and pulled it off. His hair slowly fell out and you can see the defined curls in his hair. He had dark sunglasses over his eyes, covering himself from the outside world. Again he pulled a sharp outside of his back pocket and placed by a table near me, simultaneously he pulled out a trigger. He mumbled, “It’s me Jed” as he looked through his glasses deep into my soul, ripping everything out of me. He turned and pushed the trigger as everything burst into flames. Everything blew to pieces besides Jed. He slowly walked away from the wreckage. Jed didn’t even turned to the explosion cause that’s what real badasses do. He removed his glasses slowly and with a snickered look he said, “Man, it feels good to be a gangster”.