The Practice Room

It was a cool March day and I was sitting in a practice room with my close friend. It was fifth hour and we were eating lunch together in the practice room outside of the band room before we needed to go and play with the band. It was about three weeks after my friend and I took our last ACT exam we didn’t know what our scores were. I was sitting in the corner eating my chicken sandwich from the lunchroom along with my chocolate milk. I finished my meal and bunched the tinfoil wrap into a ball, the squeezed in into the empty bottle of chocolate milk. I looked up towards the wall and examined it. The wall was covered with bad photos of members of the pit in the marching band along with a funny caption reflecting on the picture. I could still smell my sandwich in the air filling my nose with a strong scent. My friend then asked me, “Have you seen your scores from the ACT yet”? I didn’t hear him while noticed some crushed goldfish on the ground. You could tell they have been there for a day or two since they were stuck deep into the carpet like velcro. I mumbled back “Huh?”, and he said “the ACT scores are up, how did you do?”. I slowly turned my head and gave a strange look not knowing about the results online. I plled my phone out of my pocket and saw the slight scratches on the back of the phone. I turned ot around and opened an internet browser. My hands started to shake, I did not know how to feel. I typed my username and password and went to the test screen. I thought how this one thing in my life could change everything about my future in a positive or negative way. My heart was pounding as I clicked onto the link to my scores. I looked up at the wall, and they seemed whiter than usual. I looked at the slits in the wall and thought, not knowing what to think. As the screen began to load I saw that one big number that could change my life, it read in bold, 29. I looked up and felt my muscles in my entire body have a strange sensation. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. I took a nice whiff of the neutral air and breathed it out slowly while forming a smile on my face.

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