Kate Moss on Mario Testino.

Inspiriert durch die aktuelle Austellung von Code Nast in Moskau und “Kate Moss by Mario Testino” by Taschen.

“Meeting Mario was one of my life´s turning points. I thought it was on a shoot for French Glamour but he always says it was when i did a John Galliano show and i was crying on the steps or something. But i definitely remember the first time i worked him… I was leaning against a wall and the clothes around my neck were so tight that i almost fainted. I was collapsing and they were like, “oh no, … Now get up and do another picture!”

We have the same outlook on life, and the same sense of humour. We both have a strong work ethic but we like to have fun while we´re doing it. My first job with him was a long time ago now, but we still love working together. He gets me and i get him, we don´t really need to have a conversation about it, we just get the point of each other and do the pictures.

Mario took me to another level. He really is the one who changed the way i was just seen as a grungy grunge girl. And he was like “ooh. i´ve seen her out! I know she´s not just that”. He´d spotted me in a pair of glamorous heels — and he was the first to start taking pictures of me in that way… I don´t think anybody saw me as any kind of sexy sort of model before he did. Then other people started working with me like that.”