Discovering Ben’s Voice

By: Maximilian Kron

As a new school year begins, so do opportunities to meet new people. On the second day of class, we were instructed to choose partners to question and learn more about, using a list of questions published by the New York Times. I chose Ben Maher to be my partner, someone who I didn’t know too well but we have been classmates before many years ago. After sifting through some of these surprisingly personal questions, I was very eager to see what our responses would yield. For my first question, I asked Ben was “Would you like to be famous and if so, in what kind of way?”. Since this was the first question Ben hesitated and then responded thoughtfully “ Uh…. I mean I guess, kinda, because you always hear about how, when all these famous people get famous, they are attacked by paparazzi. I wanna be like kinda famous that everyone knows who I am, but wouldn’t recognize me in public. That way I would still be able to live life”.

For my second question and more intriguing question, I asked Ben if he had a secret hunch about how he would die. He said puzzled “I wish that I will die of old age, crazy rich, retired for like 30 years. But I Wouldn’t be surprised if I get blindsided by something”. This question was really puzzling and somewhat depressing to think about because looking that far ahead is terrifying. I’m surprised with how calm and collective he was when answering the question.

My third and final questions was by far the most difficult to answer. I asked Ben “What, if anything is too serious to joke about?”. Ben responded “Ummmmm… wow… I think that it really depends on the situation. Some things are so serious that the only way to talk about them is to joke about them. I do however think that jokes about 9/11 and serious terrorist attacks can be taken too far.” Overall, I think that this activity was a very effective way to learn about our classmates. I had a great time listening to Ben and learning more about him.

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