Maximilian Kron

Underwater world

Standing tall in the lone corner of my room stands a 60 gallon fish tank, full of greens as if a forest. This isn’t a normal fish tank, full of fake plants and fish as boring as a dull whiteboard, but something much more. The tank is full of life, planted with organic substrate as the base of life, rooted with long stem plants and low carpeting plants. The background plants fill the tank, making it seem vast and mysterious, like a rainforest after the wet season. Small carpets of HC Cuba spread along the substrate, imitating a lawn. Small shrimps feed off the carpet, cleaning and trimming it like a lawnmower. The carpet starts to slope, where it stops abruptly when rock meets it. Seiryu stone from the tops of mountains in California offer an enticing value to the offer all image of the tank. The small cracks and curves in the stone glide like the edges of mountains, appearing massive next to the small carpet and even smaller fish. Schools of Rummy Nose Tetras dart across the aquascape like fighter pilots navigating through the sky, swimming through obstacles skillfully. The mix of different shades of red, green, and orange blend the tank together mystically. The different shapes and sizes of the leaves offer variety in depth and perception to the viewer. Thinner needle like leaves seem small in scale to the large environment, making the tank seem like a little universe inside a glass case, like a snow globe during Christmas. Larger, broad leaves contrast the thinner ones, making mid ground and background locations seem smaller to accent the more important parts, like a spotlight, of the aquascape. Looking from afar, all of the careful planning and preparation pay off. The bright glow of the high output lighting shine as bright as the sun on the mini universe.