Maximilian Kron

P3 Creative Writing

Emotion’s Location

Here at Prospect High School, the place that I experience the most emotion would be the Knights Learning Center. The KLC is a decent sized library, with open computer labs and a wide, window filled study area. There are several rows of books piled to the brim with literature from all over the world, of all different ages. I remember first seeing the library, many many years ago. It feels like just yesterday that middle schooler me was following my older sister into the library. I was still years away from high school, but seeing the KLC intimidated me. I knew of the many years down the road that would be spent studying, and learning that would take place in high school. I smelt the crude smell of older desktops and books, along with the soft smell of dust and pollen, escaping through the windows. I heard the intimidating voices of students much much older than me, which I would hear again many years later as a Freshman. Many thoughts were racing through my head, mostly about my future at Prospect high. Time passed and so did emotions, I was finally a freshman. Over the three years at middle school, my view of highschool changed slightly. It was now time to see if my emotions had changed any compared to my pre-middle school beliefs. Walking into the KLC as a freshman was a whole different experience compared to my middle school days. Although the smell was familiar, the look and feeling was much different, and still is to this day. The KLC had gone through a renovation and looked very unfamiliar. My emotions stay the same today as they were then. Throughout my three completed years here at prospect, the KlC has always been a place where i can calmly study and work productively. The atmosphere is always quiet and peaceful, and there is always a warm feeling inside me.