Don’t Count America Out
John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

Thank you for this. I can whole heartedly appreciate much of what you are saying, but there’s one elephant in the room that’s still not being addressed. Increasing disparity of wealth. As you speak of change from within, much of the prevailing disenfranchisement and exasperation with western values stems from a root cause of disparity of wealth. As a society, Americans on average have become, poorer, less educated, and profoundly more vitriolic. We’re now going on two decades of war, abroad and at home. As questionable as it may be to many, the class war has played a big part in disseminating misinformation and playing to peoples frustrations and misdirected angst. It’s a crime to be poor in America. This punishment is doled out in many ways and it has forced people to look at the current state of western values as a dead end road. So what’s the alternative? Turning to nationalism and protectionism, race and culture supremacy, and disregarding tolerance as a survival mechanism.

Americans in particular are broken. While costal elites and the political/corporate/financial class live in their ivory towers, the silent majority are being marginalized in so many ways. Beyond the loss of jobs, lack of recovery from the great recession, and generally a withering sense of purpose, the malaise and angst is being fueled by misinformation directed by the dark corners of opportunistic nihilists who’s aim is more anarchy than prosperity. Add to the mix austerity in the form of poorer education, massive personal debt, and political apathy, and it’s easy to see why the recent election went the direction it did. Many look at our political system, the defining beacon of democracy, and they have completely lost faith. They see politicians, lobbyists and corporate interests commingling to benefit their own interests. The democratic process meant to be the stop gap for citizens to protect themselves has been hijacked and used against them. In light of the current dysfunction and partisan loyalties, this looks only to get worse. The recent Presidential election is a manifestation of all of this. So while I agree with much of what you’re saying, I believe the real struggle is at home.

In our history of foreign wars and entanglements, we’ve always talked so much about the battles for the hearts and minds. Well, we’re in a battle for the hearts and minds this very instant here in our Western societies. Until the the true power of Western elites in the political and corporate financial class start looking at themselves in the mirror and start questioning their motives and allegiances, the majority of the people who’s lives are at stake will continue to turn to anarchy and apathy. Until the majority have a sense that they’re contributing, being heard, and that their leaders are working for them, the slide in Western values will continue. It’s time to address the needs of the people first above the predatory nature of hyper-capitalism and greed. It’s time to end the class war and whole heartedly address the true root of Western decline, disparity of wealth.