Why Sitting at a Table With Don Draper and Simon Sinek Could Help You Find Buyers Online

Why do you get up in the morning? What is it about your business that gets you excited and pumped for each day?

If you look at some of the greatest leaders in history, such as Steve Jobs and the Wright Brothers, you’ll see one common thread — they all viewed their work through a different lens than the majority of people. Doing so, made them a success.

That’s the premise of one of my favorite books by author Simon Sinek — Start With Why.” (Note, that is not an affiliate link).

Start With Why

If you haven’t read Sinek’s book or listened to his TED talk, you’re missing an important lesson. Buy the book or spend 18 minutes to listen to his message.

The premise is this: The top leaders and innovators of the world think a little differently than most. It’s how they innovate and it’s how they get people to pay attention to their ideas.

Sinek explains this premise using a “golden circle.”

The outer circle in this golden circle is the “what.” It’s the biggest because everyone can describe what it is they do. It’s not difficult to give details about features and tools. It’s simply stating the facts. It’s easy.

The middle circle is “how.” Here, some (not all) can talk about how things happen. How does your product or service work? How does it make your customer’s life better?

The inner circle is the secret sauce of the world’s best leaders. It’s the “why” circle. This, Sinek explains, is why your company exists. What is your purpose? Why are you around? Hint: If you think it’s to turn a profit, you’re still not understanding the why.

Your Why Matters Online Now More Than Ever

This concept is powerful when it comes to innovation and product development. But, your why is equally, if not more so, powerful when it comes to online marketing.

This has always been true for marketing. Just ask Don Draper, the notorious Mad Men copywriter from the 60’s. This fictional character became notorious in the marketing world because of his ability to turn sales messages into words that helped businesses find buyers.

I’d love to sit at a table with Don Draper and Simon Sinek to hear them pick each other’s brains and come up with a formula for how to market products most effectively. Why? Because I believe this conversation needs to happen now more than ever before.

Online marketing is constantly evolving. For businesses to find buyers online, they need to dabble in the principles of these two copywriting geniuses. Here’s why.

Semantic Search is Picking Up Steam

Look closely at Keywordtool.io or the Keyword Planner in Google Adwords. With these tools, you can see what people are searching for today. The phrases aren’t simple. Searchers are using semantics to find better search results. Instead of using specific key phrases, people rely on Google to infer the context of their search.

For example, if someone wanted to search for quilt designs for a boy’s nursery, she might type in, “boys nursery quilt designs.” This isn’t a phrase she’d use in her daily vocabulary. Instead, she’s relying on Google to use these keywords to match up her request with the best websites for her.

Semantic search is a game changer. The way marketers are using keywords is changing. No more stuffing them in awkwardly into copy. Now, much to Draper delight, the words you use to sell your product can take center stage again.

But, to understand the verbiage your buyers will use, Sinek would argue that you need to understand your why. Why are you serving a core group of people? Why should they feel inspired by your content?

When you understand your why, you’re better equipped to write your copy around what a person wants to read instead of what will rank high on search engines. Everyone benefits from this approach — your customer, your business and Google.

Social Media is a Bigger Contender than Ever Before

It’s not just Google people turn to for searching anymore. It’s social media.

More people are bypassing the search engines as we know them and turning to social media search engines instead. This is a new trend, which is set to emerge in 2016.

Instead of typing in keywords, people are typing in hashtags. They’re whittling down their hunt for a company who “gets them” by looking up the same hashtags they’d use to describe a sentiment or product. This is the “why” Sinek talks about.

For online marketers, this is another game changer. Instead of relying on search engines to feed you buyers online, you must pay attention to other platforms too. If not, you could be losing out on hot leads and potential sales.

But hashtags are different. They’re used differently than your standard keywords are used in search engines.

Using engaging hashtags (meaning, the ones your customers are searching for), you must learn an entirely new language. One tool that I love that helps you learn this language and research the terms people are plugging into search engines is Hashtagify.me. This tool lets you type in a hashtag and come up with other similar hashtags your customers are using.

If Don Draper operated his agency when social media was the norm like it is today, he’d undoubtedly encourage this strategy too. It targets customers when they’re most likely to see your message. More importantly, it allows you to meet your buyers with a stronger marketing message up front — one they actually want to listen to instead of one that’s pushy and sales-y.

The Conversation Between Don Draper and Simon Sinek Would Go Something Like This

Sinek would start the conversation, bubbled up with excitement about finding this strategy. He’d explain that for a business to succeed today, they need to understand why they’re in business. This goes levels and levels deeper than understanding what it is they’re selling and how it’s made — the typical unique selling propositions businesses use.

Draper would then swoop in and explain that in a marketing world, this means selling the promise of happiness. It means using semantic search terms to rank higher so customers feel good knowing a business is speaking their language. It means going to the platforms customers enjoy and use the most to engage with them and make them feel good.

Do you agree? Wondering how to bring Sinek’s “why” and Draper’s happiness into your marketing to boost conversions? Let’s talk. I offer a free business consultation where we can dig into these concepts.

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