Executive Summary (TLDR)

Asynchronous JavaScript in the form of Single Page Applications (SPA) offer an incredible opportunity for improving the user experience of your web applications. CSS frameworks like Bootstrap enable developers to quickly contribute styling as they’re working on the structure and behaviour of things.

Unfortunately, SPA and CSS frameworks tend to result in relatively complex solutions where traditionally separated concerns - HTML-structure, CSS-style, and JS-behaviour - are blended together as a matter of course — Counter to the lessons learned by previous generations.

UX simulations are a new idea for automating the production of lifelike user interactions within a web application. With a wide variety of potential uses, these pre-scripted demos and videos can help inform product design, serve as marketing collateral, and even improve customer success.

In this 3 part series, we’ll explore how to use a free and open source product called Cypress.io to create these valuable resources.

  • Part 1 — Introduce Cypress and the concept of UX simulations.
  • Part 2 — Explore the value of UX sims and how to operationalize them.
  • Part 3 — Dive into the code and…

Mike Taylor

Just a guy looking for some good meaningful work.\n

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