The Lives We Live

Lyric Assignment Final Draft

Acoustic Hearts

Men with strong fingers and women with strong hearts were meant to play the guitar.

The songs whirl through our ears drum and come out through our feet

The melodies intertwined between our palms that sing through our hands;

Hand creased with dirt from a hard day’s work.

The slick steel brown strings dance between our fingers

Jumping back and forth moving and humming with each strum.

And there is a low baritone beat that stays true to our souls, it

Thuds ever on in the back of our throats and the bottom of our lungs.

We feel the haunting breath left with each word sung that is carried into the dark blue night.

Where the moon and the grass continue on the song

Blowing, moving, hoping the crickets will chirp along.

The wind carries the tunes of our hearts and our mind

playing it over and over across the hills, plains, and mountains

across each river to all those who can hear.

Those who tap their feet and welcome the sounds into their homes and

The ones who keep the rhythm going in what ever way they can.

Feeling the strings vibrate in their hands as the warm deafening symphony fills their rooms

For all those who are listening the children, the dogs, the crows

Thud, thud, thud, thud.

Pulsing steadily through our veins,

Filling our hearts with music; a gorgeous refrain.


From over the crowd

And across the room,

I see you starring at me

With a look of gloom.

With every glance back

Your eyes still glued

Fixed on me

Like I am the only person in the room.

Your dark tense brows

That hang over your eyes

And long trench coat

That looks like a disguise

People like you

Don’t know when to quit

Why are you looking?

You are asking to be hit.

I look,

You’re there

Still watching me

With an unbroken stare.

So, I to stare back

With determined intent

To make you look away

My gaze like cement.

Neither blink, neither move

Neither make a sound

The room felt empty,

no one else around.

I start to move closer

And so do you,

The tension quickly rising

Then up my fist flew

Smash! A thundering shatter.

Everything becomes clearer,

I am the man. . .

I was staring in the mirror.


We get on the off ramp and back on the on

Cars going here and there never stopping

The cool rain sliding down the glass

The lights shimmer through

And reflect of the wet concrete roads

We drive and drive

Hoping to make it home faster than the last time.

The pink sky streaked with orange and blue

Lines the horizon as the sun says its goodbyes.


A warm wind blows in from the sea.

Sea-birds cry as they fly overhead

Overhead above the waves and through the clouds,

Clouds turn to thunder and I have a sense of dread.

Some day I hoped you would come back,

Back from the endless sea.

Sea waves crash against the rocks

Rocks with jagged teeth are what took you from me.

I stare aimlessly past the setting horizon sun

Sun goes down once again and you are still not here.

Here with me in our beautiful home,

Home is not the same when I am in fear.

I long for the day the sea lets you go

Go back to our home and never leave.

Leave me here alone and I cry,

Cry and cry as I try to grieve.


Passing each day alone,

Alone, content and free

Free from others who need others

Others who do not need me.

The feeling of sitting in a dry desert

Desert of deep taunting thoughts

Thoughts and words that never

Never expect an answer.

An isolated conscience can be dangerous,

Dangerous for those who don’t know

Know how to use it.

It can free the mind.

The Beggar

People move through the town

Attending to their errands

Early morning sun starts to rise over the walls,

The merchants and vendors begin setting up their stalls

Folks, travelers, people from all around

Begin to pour in to the square of the town

People begin to barter, selling their wares

But they don’t see me, they don’t care

If they looked all they’d see is an old man with a grey beard

And a shallow empty face stained with tears.

Hunched in a corner; the best seat in the house,

Wrapped in my cloak as quiet as a mouse.

They shuffle by me going about their day

They cannot see me and I like it that way.

I’d rather sit and observe, not be bothered by their talking

I like to sit and watch; a relaxed form of stalking.

In a short amount of time I have learned this true power

To become incompletely invisible while the others hover over and tower.

The sun has reaches it peak and they day grows hot

All I need is a few coins, I don’t need a lot.

My red clay pot placed on the dusty ground

Hoping someone one can spare a few pounds.

By the end of they day I usually have enough

Then I pack up and leave, buy my food and such.

The folks continue to move, and talk over each other

The squares bustle and movement gives me good cover.

They call me the beggar yet I have never begged

I sit here and watch other people beg instead.

Children beg their parents for toys and treats,

Men beg their wives to cook them good food to eat,

And the women beg their husbands and children to stop

To give them a break and let them shop.

It amazes me how I sit here all alone

Watching the people who have food and homes,

They nag and bother and pick on each other

When they have so much to live for, so much to offer.

Wouldn’t it be something if we all stood back

Looked at ourselves and forgot what we lack

We could change the world,

Make it better for every boy and girl.

But I’m just a beggar so what do I know,

I only observe, and sit and keep my head low.

Deaths Eye Is Watching

They all stare and look

The crowd’s eyes stab into me I cannot escape the spotlight

Why can’t they let me be?

The shadow that lurks over me

Breathing down my neck,

The cruel whispers it mutters

Leaving me a wreck.

I will not escape this cage,

For the fear of what lies beyond I am safe in here for now

But someday I’ll be gone.

The Motion of Change.

Change comes in many forms.

The leaves on the trees,

It is the death of one

And the birth of another

Coming into to this world again and again.

Change is the cold tidal wave,

It doesn’t stop and does not wait

It pummels us,

Can drown us,

If we don’t stay afloat.

Keep our eyes on the horizon

As we struggle to swim.

Thrashing and gasping,

Waiting for a breath.

Tossed around in the water

Breathing in the fresh cold air.

No control over what happens next . . .

All we can do is hope for the best.

Go To Sleep

A blind mouse sits in the corner

Staring at the clock,

Hickory, dickory, Dickory…dock.

Jack and Jill run down the hill

Just as the clock strikes nine.

Little Bo Peep and all her sheep

Rush to get back in time.

A cow jumps over the moon,

And the clock strikes ten.

All the queen’s horses and all the queen’s men

Rush to put humpty back together again.

The clock strikes eleven,

Goldilocks tests another bed.

Porridge is getting cold.

The mockingbird rests its head.

Midnight bells chime

One by one,

Twelve strokes and its midnight

And the mouse’s day is done.


He came home today and I was so happy to see him

He ignored me and kept on walking He usually stops and asks me how my day was

He goes to the bedroom and closes the door.

She comes home and is always happy to see me

She asks me to come outside and play

She sits on the swing set and I chase the squirrels

She quickly turns as she hears the screen door slam

He is awake now and stumbling outside

He advances towards her, hands outstretched

He keeps coming and I yell for him to stop

He looks at me and tells me to get lost

She says to me it’s okay and to go play inside

She said its alright and then she runs and hides

She runs to the door, He does the same

She pulls me inside by the scruff of my mane

He bangs on the door, but now it’s been locked

He yells and screams and she cries in the corner

He scares her and I know that I’m her only comfort

He got me for her so I could be her mother

She wraps her arms around my furry neck

She tells me she loves me and I tell her back

She looks to the door as the banging stops

She knows he is gone but he always comes back

I am her protector every day and every night

I will always be her savior to help in every fight

I only hope that one day we leave this place

I hope we find somewhere where he won’t be in our space.


Hurtling through the cosmos

Years passing by, and

Time strips away my conscience.

The years fly,

All my memories of the lives I’ve lived

Flood through my brain drowning my thoughts.

The ones I knew and the ones who I will know

Flash before my eyes like stampeding horses racing through the wilds.

I reminisce in between blinks of the times that I have come to know,

The space rushes around my body encasing my soul.

The universe descends around me and my vision goes blank

I come alive, renewed, in a new age again.

Higher (Reincarnated Pt. 2)

High above I soar beyond the clouds and trees;

Higher and higher than any other,

Gliding on the mist of the air and the wind,

Soaring in and out of the fog and sky.

My feathers shine and reflect the sun,

The wind blows through my skin.

Each and every feather catching the wind.

Perched in the tallest tree swaying in the breeze.

Higher than the rest, where no one can find me,

Alone to gaze upon my kingdom;

The kingdom I rule with pride,

I watch over the forest, all its flora and fauna.

None shall be harmed while I am its king.

I see all, here all and know all.

Nothing comes or goes that I have not foreseen.

All are at peace as I watch over in the tallest tree.