i am like God
and like God i am dead
only alive inside the chest

of those who still care
to believe in some sort of salvation
i twitch and i scream

words from the Bibles
that i have read when time was, once,
a constant — not stifled by perception.

i am like God
and like God i am sad
only happy when i stare and see

people who are just like me
who protect the Innocent
and still insist to believe in love

i twitch and i scream to the holy Angels above
i beg and i stretch time — 
a constant no more.

i am like God
and like God i am detached
of meaning — only assigned by those

who took their time
and read my Gospel — 
poetry envisioned on dark nights

when time is stopped flat — 
dead, like cars waiting for the red light
to fade to green.

you are like God
and like God i call your name — 
unaware that many do the same.

you are the eyes of the traffic signs
when they turn green.
you are every word

in every Bible
ever written by men.
you are the Innocent.

you are the Grave
honored to protect
the dead God.

you are God
and, like God,
i love you.

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