one day I hope
to look down upon you,
like dawn upon you,
resonating with the golden hair.

as does the sun
when he finds his twin
and commits to the sin
of loving you — a sin I see as a blessing

a blessing that works like a curse,
in which it hurts so very much
just to justify the relief
of when my skin becomes your skin.

and the time will surely come
when the sun repents from his sin.
when he dawns upon you
only to also dawn upon me.

the time when the sheets
that holify your bed
allow their sweet, sweet embrace
around my body — a body which I hate

but a body that allows me 
to interact with yours
in threedimensional space.
so maybe — just maybe –

the time will come
in which the sun will repent
and maybe then
fall in love with me, too.

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