trúarleg reynsla (religious experience).

“so, like, i had this religious experience today. it was like, i got very high, right? and well, you know sense8? yeah, so. i got very high. and there’s this song that plays on sense8, a beautiful song by sigur rós called dauðalogn, wich stands for ‘dead calm’. i had this playlist on my phone and that song was in it.

“you know kettering? by the antlers? yeah, so, it played that. and then dauðalogn. man, i don’t even know. it was actually religious, dude. like, i synced my breathing with the chords, you know? you gotta listen, man. it makes you breathe and move with it.

“now, i’m gonna tell you what i saw. i saw elves, man. elf-angels. they were all rising slowly, becoming this huge fan of light in the sky, breaking these grey, heavy clouds. it was beautiful, man. i got chills, really. and as the song goes on and your breath gets more and more in sync with it you start to realise that jónsi is talking to you, man.

“near the end of the lyrics you get this amazing vocal chords coming in and out and oh, boy, it makes you see the most beautiful lights and become one with the airwaves. it’s amazing.

“and as i kept going it kept coming to me and i could see these elf-angels flying towards space, taking them with me to some new planet, you know? it was, like, i couldn’t really grasp it because there was so much light, you know? so much light. i can’t describe it. it was blinding but it had shape to it. beautiful rays of light, scattering, becoming gold and then silver and rainbow and dying off in a beautiful, stunning shiny indigo. beautiful, man.

“i’m telling you, it was religious. it was… unspeakable. it doesn’t matter how much more i try to explain. it won’t work. you need to see it, man. get high and listen to it. loud. on good headphones. you’ll feel, like, cleansed. i mean it.”

i mean it.