Statusdroid - what is it and why it matters?

It all started in 2016 when Lukas Pour, founder of IT company LUKAPO s.r.o. realized that website security should be #1 priority for customers. Why? Because many clients did not monitor their websites for vulnerabilities, outdated certificates, HTTPS redirecting, or older versions of WordPress. All of this has made their websites vulnerable to attacks or running slower.

An idea to create simple yet effective tool to verify if a website is running correctly was born. Lukáš was joined by Juda Kaleta as a head of development and Martin Piták, a Python coder. Within a few months, the first version of Statusdroid was released. The tool could check your website, tell you what needs to be done to improve it and notify you when outage or different problems occur.

From the left: Martin Pitak and Lukas Pour

At this moment, Statusdroid has released its 2.9 version which offers neat notifications which can be personalized, PPC ads management (Adwords and FB ads can be paused and resumed automatically) and monitoring from all around the world. There are 10 enthusiastic people working hard to improve Statusdroid and raise awareness about website monitoring and prevention against hacks. Statusdroid offers 15-days free trial so you can try it for yourself here!

Monitoring charts

Why is website monitoring important?

Online business market is largely competitive environment. Online presence is more important than ever before. In order to effectively reach your customers, your website should be top notch!

Did you know the fact that even today 99% of the uptime promise experiences a breakdown of about 5 hours every month? An online store can lose thousands of dollars in sales in 5 hours of downtime.

Advantages of website monitoring

1. Build and protect image of your business

Many purchasing decisions start with your website. Slow loading time, poor design or insufficient security may lead to loss of business.

2. Prevent loss of sales

It is vital for online business to keep your website up and running smoothly at all times. By getting notified when a problem occur, business can prevent users complains and minimize downtime.

3. Avoid bad ranking in search engines

By keeping your website updated and properly configured, you can improve your search ranking. By combing correct SEO and healthy website, you will reach much better results.

Why to use Statusdroid’s monitoring service?

Statusdroid monitors whether your website is working smoothly or not. User can set up notifications by email, sms or phone call without installing any software. Statusdroid monitors certificates, expiry date of your domain, offers the option to link and manage PPC ads and many more features. Statusdroid does not share any data with 3rd parties so your information are safe!

Try Statusdroid now for 15-days free trial here!