Big goals require consistent action

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Big goals require consistent action, and consistent action is exactly what I need to deploy if I want to reach my goal for the remainder of this year. I set a goal of wanting to reach the 10k follower mark on Instagram before December 31st, 2017 and it has me fired up as f*ck. As of right now I just eclipsed the 1800+ follower mark, so not only does reaching my goal require consistent action, it requires BIG action. BIG action is exactly what I love.

At this very moment, school is back in session too as my summer break from University here in Denmark has officially ended. The big summer break from university in Denmark typically lasts from July until end-August and as you’ve seen if you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been spending the majority of this break working hard on building my side-hustle. I didn’t see these two months of “break time” from university as a chance for me to kick back and finally relax, no, instead I approached it as a time for me to DIAL IN and go HARD on growing and getting that one small, slow step closer to turning my side-huslte into my main hustle, which is, of course, my ultimate goal.

During the semester prior to the summer break I did 17–19-hour days every day Monday-Friday with very few exceptions in order to just make time outside of university to work on the side hustle — I was DETERMINED to carry on doing 17–19-hour days every day from Monday-Friday even throughout my summer break once I would reach it because I knew that would be time I would have to FULLY 100% devote to the side-huslte, unlike the 70/30 split during the semester. In the two months that I’ve been on summer “break” I’ve been able to get three very big podcast interviews, I’ve grown my emailing-list from 3 people (including myself and my mom) to 72 people (still including myself and my mom… (thanks for the support mom)), I’ve started a YouTube channel, and I’ve been able to grow my Instagram significantly.

I know from going through my personal fitness transformation that when it comes to achieving a vision, there is NO such thing as a real “break” because if you take a break, that is time you then consciously remove from your potential to get just a single step closer to that very vision.

So, what now? Well, summer break has officially just ended and school is back in session. So, what does that mean? That means that I am STILL DETERMINED to do 17–18–19, even 20-hour days if I have to! This time around, I just have to go back to the 70/30 split, which means I once again only have 30% of my day to work on my side-hustle — doesn’t that suck, you may ask. Yes, it definitely sucks, but I’m a BIG believer in patience and just putting in consistent action day in, day out and continuing to do so and watch yourself get that one small step closer to achieving your vision every single day.

For these next 9 weeks of the semester, I’m in out on a work experience course/internship at a PT (Physical Therapy) clinic, which means that with transport back and forth to that clinic and still wanting to make time to work out and STILL wanting to make time to work on my side-hustles, my days currently look something like this:

5:00 am — alarm clock rings
5:40 am — arrive at gym to do a weight lifting session
6:40 am — be done with the workout, have showered and head out to the bus to the clinic
6:50 am — be on the bus headed to the clinic
7:45 am — arrive at clinic and work until 3:00–4:00 pm
5:00 pm — arrive back at bus terminal by the gym and go take the bus straight to the university library to work on the side-hustle for the rest of the night
8:40 pm — leave the university library and head back to the gym to do a cardio session before the gym closes at 9:30 pm
10:00 pm — finally enter my apartment for the first time since 5:30 am in the morning, shower, meal prep, and finish up the last side-hustle tasks for the day
12:00/12:30 am — bedtime

Does that suck? No, I wouldn’t have it any other day — I f*cking love the grind, I love the struggle of being tired and beat up, I love finding ways to become more efficient, more effective, more productive, better, improved, more SUCCESSFUL. Every day is a success if it got you that one small step closer to your vision than you were the day before.

“Big goals require consistent action” — Marcus Kwame, founder of The BMMPOD, owner of

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