Improve every single day, even if just the slightest

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This is the first post of a new era, this is the first post of the personal brand that is Marcus Kwame. Actually, my full name is Marcus Kwame Amankwa-Jensen, with Marcus Kwame being my first name. I like that name, it has a good ring to it. Marcus Kwame, it has a good punch to it. Marcus Kwame, it hits home.

I guess I always wanted to be a personal brand, a brand associated with inspiration and impact on a larger scale, but I wasn’t born with the confidence to create it right from the get-go. It has taken time, it has taken patience, but I am finally transitioning into the personal brand that is me, Marcus Kwame, and that is the bi-product of one thing in particular: improving every single day, even if just the slightest.

During the course of this very short journey, which has now been only 8 months, I feel like I have gone through SO many stages. My journey began in the summer of 2015 when I listened to my very first “personal development” podcast. It was a podcast called Knowledge for Men by Andrew Ferebee, and the very first episode I listened to was with businessman and life coach Aaron Walker — that episode inspired the absolute living sh*t out of me. I think in that episode alone I picked up on five quotes that would really stick to me. The one that stuck with me the most was “Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure”. From there on and for the next year I basically spent every bit of downtime I had listening to podcasts and feeding my mind with inspiration, knowledge, and guidance, whether that was during commuting, washing dishes, doing the laundry or doing a quick trip to the grocery store. With Aaron Walker’s quote in mind, I basically spent a year setting up what was going to be the year where I would begin executing on my dreams. I spent an entire year learning that fear of failure is the only failure we can commit as humans.

Fast forward to the end of 2016, one year later, I finally executed. Being at the end of the semester, feeling bored in my spare time outside of the university, I decided to put my thoughts into action. 4 days before my semester exams listened to a podcast about starting a blog and just committing to it for at least 3 months. 3 days before my exams I did exactly that. 8 months later, here I am, running a blog that people actually listen and tell me helped them. Here I am, 8 months later, running a podcast that is just scraping the surface, and 9 episodes in I have already interviewed some of the people I have been following for years, my idols, my role models. I am a 22-year-old kid from Denmark, and 9 episodes into my podcast journey I have interviewed people from Australia and America. Although I know that all it is on a practical level is putting in work, putting in hours consistently, improving every single day, it still absolutely blows my mind sideways.

Podcasts changed my life, so much so that I now am the host of my own. It is crazy to me, it is surreal, even at this initial stage it is at now, it is absolutely surreal. I can’t wait for the day when it will be at a level I never even imagined possible, a level I know it will one day reach because I know that I am going to keep improving every single day, even if just the slightest.

I live by one rule — if whatever I do, at any given time, can help just ONE person, do it. Improve every single day, even if just the slightest, and do it for that one person.

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