Email marketing campaign

I have received a lot of emails from social media I choose. I think the personalization is the best thing they do. In some emails, my user name will be showed at the beginning or the end of the email. For some email from Facebook and Twitter, it says I have several notifications to check. That makes me check my email and click into the social media. So I think this kinds of email can get a high CTR.

The event-triggered system from emails I think is depended on people. Social medias may select the events which users like according to their survey. From tracking the users historical view, social media can choose which event the specific user likes.

The responsive design from those emails I think is clear. Every email has the link to access to the page which they want users to click. For example, Twitter will send me the events and Twitters which I may be interested in. At the end of the twitter, it will give me a link to get into the Twitter to get more information from it. In addition, other links like help, settings will show in the end.

Generally, I think emails from social media can make users a good experience in a lot of ways.

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