2016 Election Thoughts

The Presidential election has finally come to an end and I could not be more glad, the drama, the rumors and the childish Twitter fights between candidates have been going on for too long. The whole time I feel like America took this election as a joke that went much too far. I just thought to myself “C’mon guys, we aren’t serious about THESE two. Are we??”. Given I did not care for either candidate much I still do not know which one I would choose, and I’m not of legal voting age so I didn’t stress myself over picking a candidate either. But now everywhere I hear people complaining about Trump having been elected as our next president. I keep hearing people say they hope he does awful and does nothing good for the country, well at least those who did not want him in office did. And don’t get me wrong I’m not jumping for joy that we have a sexist pervert in our office, I would still like to see some success come from him. But I keep hearing how people hope he does awful, however I think now that he is going to lead our country, wouldn’t somebody hope for a better future and that he actually does a good job? If you hope our future president isn’t any good and ruins everything, that’s like hoping your pilot crashes your plane that you’re riding on. Which is senseless to me, I may not be the biggest Trump or Clinton fan, but I do not want him to be a failure, if he fails in the future, so could our country, and so could we. Think about that.

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