Butthurt to the Rescue

It should surprise exactly nobody (except that, of course, it will) that Captain Smallhands, he who is incapable of having a principle (since that would require not having a pathological aversion to acknowledging reality), couldn’t go *ONE DAY* without being butthurt about how he is “treated.” And, in typical fashion, when his lies didn’t have the desired reception — i.e. rewriting history in his favour — rather than simply ignoring it, he just moved on to bigger lies. Then, the lies devolved into outright attacks — Smallhands doesn’t seem to understand how somebody who utterly lost the popular vote could be so maligned — and hey, look, dude is channeling North Korea; one of the few places in the world where the leader gets to tell reality how it should function, and not the other way around.

One day, folks. He couldn’t make it one day. His first day. Part of me is waiting for the tire fire (peat bog fire? coal seam fire?) to burn things down, and then I can point my pointing finger and let folks know that they got what they deserved; hyperpartisanship, demonization of the media, fake news, destruction of education and social programs, the list of things that have lead to this point is long and has been seen coming for years. Unfortunately, while a chunk of the population deserves to immolate in the fire that they lit underneath their feet, they are also taking everybody else with them; people who don’t deserve the hell they are about to be treated to. That is the saddest part of this disaster.

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