Hi Michael, thanks for posting this.
Sytse Sijbrandij

Hi Sid — appreciate you taking the time to follow up to this, especially since I suspect you have a lot on your plate!

Here are the three (so far) features that we have been (happily) using that will no longer be available to us — you can see via wayback (March 2017, when we got our license) that there have been changes between tiers:

  1. LDAP group sync filters — we use this to ensure that only users that in in the right group(s) have access to AD, which seems to now require a Premium license. We can use base as a means to get around this, but then the admin_group stuff will require changes. Not a blocker, but not ideal, having to redo a bunch of stuff that was already working.
  2. Audit logs — another feature that we have relied on that is now moving behind the Premium wall. Due to the various partners that utilize our platform, we have some pretty rigorous audit procedures, and having this log available was a winner.
  3. Environment-specific secret variables — figure this one is pretty self-explanatory, and the workaround is to basically have ENVIRONMENT_ prefixes, but that makes prod stuff exposed elsewhere. Yuck.
  4. Kubernetes — not a “feature” per-se, but we originally used the Kubernetes webhook integration, which has been deprecated in favour of the built-in cluster functionality, which limits us to a single Kubernetes instance. Solution is to simply migrate the Kubernetes stuff out of native GitLab, and create our own intermediary webhook-based functionality.

I’m also curious if you can address the way that the entire sales process has been handled — it feels like somebody thinks they have us over a barrel, and thus can squeeze us; the “if you don’t like it, find something else” approach. Also, can you account for the fact that prices are changing year-on-year — this seems to be somewhat unusual, especially if a company is willing to establish a multi-year relationship.

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