Day 1 — Introduction

So this is day 1. I’ve decided to use the Medium to practice my writing and English skills. I figured out this could be a kind of a journal with some article exercise now and then.

So I’m Mladen, I’m 19 years old and in the moment I volunteer for Helly Cherry Webzine, a Serbian underground culture online magazine. My main focus is music, mostly album reviews and some think pieces here and there. In the last few weeks I decided to get into freelancing so I opened profile on this platform to gradually perfect my writing and English as my mother language is Serbian. As aspiring (music) journalist I’m focused on content writing, copywriting, SEO or even better music journalism, although I did not find that as a really important and big market. I would also like to learn few thing about internet maketing as I am aware that it will help me later in my job.

So, yeah, that was explanation about where I am at the moment and what I wish to do, now a more personal paragraph. I just got into Faculty of Philosophy, philosophy department and I’m really really happy. I can’t wait for college to start, I really am in love with philosophy. In two months I am moving to Belgrade (’cause of college, duh), and my god, I really am hyped. As of my other inetrests, I play bass and I dream of reuniting with my old buddies who are in Belgrade and getting back on tracks. I haven’t played in a long time, I’m really out of shape and I don’t like it. Currently I’m trying to figure out can I do all this stuff at the same time (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I stated web developing course) or I need to set my priorities and pick something over something else. And that is about everything that bothers me now.

This can be the end, I don’t want to bore you with my random texts, this was introduction, I hope you liked it (if anyone read it at all), and I’ll be back tonight with Day 1 report.

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