The Difference between IPhone and Android

Apple and Android have been at war since Google unveiled their new operating system for companies to start putting into new smart phones, almost a decade ago. Motorola and HTC were the first companies to release flagship smartphones to try and compete against the almighty apple IPhone. So here is a rundown of the key things that make them different.


Most people already know that the IPhone is made by Apple, but surprisingly not everyone knows who makes the Android phones. Well see here is the thing, while Google does make the software inside of the phones, other companies are responsible for the rest of the hardware. This includes the phone itself, the camera, internals, and everything else other than the software. Google has just recently started putting their own logo on the back of their phones. The new Pixel phone by Google is actually still made by HTC, but that is a little bit of a secret.


The Android phones as I said before, are not made by Google. This responsibility falls on companies like HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and many more. Each phone will have a different experience than the other. Some things are starting to become the norm across all phones that were not always present. like front facing cameras, LED flash, and fingerprint scanners. The specs of the phone range all across the board like the megapixels in a camera, what type of screen, how big of a screen, and overall size of the phone. Other phones will have exclusives to their brand like the Samsung S pen that works as stylus. also, mods for the new Moto Z, allowing you to add a projector or larger speaker to your phone. This all completely different on the Apple side of things. The Apple IPhone has only recently started to release multiple phones at the same time each year. Each phone differing slightly from the other. These differences will be notices in the overall size, camera, or extra software features. Inside the IPhone is the “A” chip this chip gains a number at the end of it to show it’s upgrade. Right now in the IPhone 7 we have the A10 chip. The A10 chip provides the power in graphics and computing that make using an IPhone so great. Android users will also be subject to using their own specific chip as well. Android users will more than likely always have some version of the Snapdragon processor and Adreno GPU. Both chips are able to perform great and provide a good experience.


Software is a huge part of the user experience and could make or break a phone for some users. The software is what you are touching and moving around and texting on. This is what allows you to download apps, send selfies, and tweet while you are on the toilet. Apple uses their IOS software that can only be found on IPhone, permitted you are not jail breaking or hacking the phones. IOS is known for its very simple and easy to use interface. While some tend to runaway from IOS as fast as they can and into the arms of Google because of Apple’s lack of customization options. Apple is very particular about you changing the product they put on in anyway. Hence the non removable back of every Apple product produced. Google is known for their customization in the entire phone, and downloadable third-party apps to change things like the keyboards or even the entire theme of your phone. Users who look for a more complex phone that allow them to toy with the inner workings will always prefer the Androids over the IPhones.

Which one should you buy?

Well, honestly, you would be happy with either one. The price range really is not in consideration here because almost all phones will run at a $200 benchmark with a contract to your service provider. The main thing you will be looking at is how good am i with computers and technology. if you are not so good like your kids, or grand kids then I suggest an IPhone for its easy to use interface and UI. If you are more of a geek, and really like to get in and mess with your phone and not void a warranty then I suggest any number of Android phones. The smartphone world is ever changing, and you can always switch and try out one from the competitor.

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