1. Become physically fit at 180 pounds with the ability to do 20 free hang pull ups, 100 sit-ups and 100 pushups, run 5k in 26 minutes or less.

a. What is stopping me:

i. Eating habits — too much refined sugar, processed foods, white flour, fried foods, eating out.

ii. Not consistent in training.

iii. Lack of preparation: planning/prepping meals, planning workouts.

b. What will I need to achieve the goal?

i. Plan/prep workouts and meals every Sunday.

ii. Remove refined sugar, chewing tobacco, fried foods, processed foods and white flour from my diet.

iii. Workout 6x week.

c. Why this goal is important to me: In order to achieve all the other goals to which I aspire, whether it be in my walk with Christ, my relationships at home, exploding my business into a $100 million company, being of service to others on a regular basis, and being a kind, gentle, patient, loving, pure, and unselfish person it is critical that I am fit. Fitness removes the pain in my mind and body that promotes impatience, slothfulness, procrastination, anger, etc. In addition, this level of fitness has proven to provide me with the energy levels I need to achieve my goals and serve others. When I reached my peak earnings of $600k/year this was the fitness level I had obtained providing me with a good understanding of my body’s prime operating parameters.

2. Successfully launch “The H2O Experience” and Proximity Innovations creating a business that is cash flow positive allowing all team members to meet their minimum income requirements.

a. What is stopping me:

i. Lack of capital.

ii. No resources to do work; Unfinished business plans.

iii. Letting go, surrender, allowing God to be in control.

b. What will I need to achieve the goal?

i. A team that augment my talents to build business plans and do the work of launching site, performing consulting and doing business development.

ii. Enthusiastic support from key identified partners with $3 million in capital with minimum impact on equity structures.

iii. Surrender.

c. Why this goal is important to me: Successfully launching Proximity Innovations and “The H2O Experience” will build on my prior limited success as an entrepreneur setting the stage for the achievement of my first financial goal of a $50 million net worth. In addition, it will dramatically reshape an industry providing job security, income & wealth, and new opportunities for thousands of marine industry participants.

3. Become active in service to others in a regular, meaningful way.

a. What is stopping me?

i. Lack of clarity on how I want to serve beyond charitable donations.

ii. Limited knowledge on opportunities to serve beyond my core program of AA.

iii. Not committing the time to do “Firsts Things First” in AA to serve others.

b. What will I need to achieve my goal?

i. Service position(s) in AA and sponsees.

ii. A clear plan for “Global Chain”, a nonprofit idea to create food, energy, and healthcare independence for local communities freeing them from the toxic bonds of the Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Finance, and Big Medical coalition.

iii. Time.

c. Why this goal is important to me: I have been blessed in life and feel compelled and called to follow Christ’s second most important command — To Love Others as Myself. I have been a mostly selfish person my entire life and all other goals will be meaningless if I don’t successfully become selfless and provide service to others. There is an immense amount of need in our world with dire consequences for many if we don’t quickly reverse the environmental, health, social, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts that decades of striving to serve self has created. This is a life or death need for many people.

4. Financial goals: finish the year with all student debt related to my two older children’s college education as well as my third child’s freshman year tuition completely paid along with moving into a house on the water with a quiet, ample room for my business, a new Infiniti QX80 for my wife, rebuild the Jeep for my son’s graduation, a new car for me to drive, take three exploration/diving trips with family, and finish year with and additional $100,000 in savings.

a. What is stopping me:

i. Income is not high enough to support this goal along with launching business.

ii. Lack of long term contract.

iii. Insufficient clarity on how to meet goal.

b. What will I need to achieve the goal?

i. Generate $535,000 in total cash flow into family accounts; an additional $405,000 above committed cash flow for 2018.

ii. Sufficient capital for Proximity Innovations to launch while support family income needs.

iii. Income from H2Oe, Proximity Consulting, Proximity International, boat/yacht sales, and scholarships to bridge the gap.

c. Achieving this goal will allow my son to enter his PhD program free of debt, allow my daughter to go through her freshman year without financial worries, allow another daughter to continue her Yoga/Scuba instructing career with less stress, and provide the experiences and security my family deserves. In addition, it will signify the successful launch of our businesses.

5. Become active in my Christian faith.

a. What is stopping me:

i. Lack of church family.

ii. No active prayer/bible study group.

iii. Unclear on many of my Christian beliefs.

b. What will I need to achieve the goal?

i. Find a church.

ii. Network with other likeminded Christians.

iii. Model Jonathan Edward’s Resolutions to document and clarify my beliefs.

c. This is the ultimate and only goal that really matters. It will allow me to establish and grow in my faith so that I may be of full service to my fellow man and glorify God to his fullest.

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