Seedux, A New Way to Visualize & Debug your React-Redux Application

Seedux brings data flow visualization to the React-Redux ecosystem while offering a full suite of troubleshooting tools. By replacing a few import statements from Redux and React-Redux, Seedux maps out and illuminates the interwoven relationships between your containers, action creators, and reducers. Seedux provides numerous features for solo developers and teams to improve their debugging workflow, including:

  • Time travel functionality for your application’s Redux store.
  • Persistent log of every action dispatched, resulting store differences, and complete new store.
  • Configurable visualization of your application’s containers, action creators, reducers using a variety of filters.
  • Illumination of relevant containers, actions creators and reducers upon action dispatch.
  • Ability to dispatch actions with custom payloads.
  • Import/Export and Stash/Unstash complete store logs from disk or localStorage.
Screenshots showcasing Seedux’s visualizer and store transaction logger in action!

As React-Redux developers ourselves, we’d love to hear your feedback on our tool. Please visit our website, GitHub repository, and NPM page for more information and to get started debugging with Seedux today.

Created by: bartlett705, mlampedx, and srei