Black Archives Museum Tour

Drew Brown laughs as he speaks to the students. Brown was a presenter at the Black Archives Museum tour.
Two dolls sit at the front of the room at the Black Archives Museum tours. During the 1940s, tests were conducted with dolls to examine children’s attitudes regarding race.
Precious Leonard studies a sheet given at the Black Archives Museum tour. The sheet read voting rights and had past archives of African-American rights history.
Denae McDougle role plays during the Black Archives Museum tour. McDougle was asked questions to see if she would be accepted or denied the right to vote.
Students listen to a tour guide at the Black Archives Museum. The museum became a part of the St. Joseph Museum Inc. in 2002.
Students observe an exhibit at the Black Archives Museum. The tour focused on African-American history and how they have achieved.
Denae McDougle and Mycah Williams observe the “Tree of Resilience” wall at the Black Archives Museum. The bottom of the wall contained the “Roots of Oppression” and throughout the tree are African-Americans who were resilient.
Students Dianah Hidzir, Denae McDougle, Melany Aldridge and Diazahne Ellis read excerpts about African-American history. The Civil Rights Movement took part in the 1960s.
Melany Aldridge posts what she has learned on a block at the Black Archives Museum. Students got the chance to learn about their history and see what has been overcome.
Students practice protests during the Black Archives Museum Tour. Many protests have occurred during the recent years.
Students stand in front of the room holding their protest signs. The Black Archives Tour allowed the students to learn about segregation and their rights.
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