Designer’s Take on Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Screw Up
Paul Van Slembrouck

I saw the whole thing live. I was flabbergasted thinking about the feelings of the two women affected: one humiliated for celebrating what was not hers and one disappointed for not having what was hers (her time in the limelight). I felt bad for Harvey too, not upset at him. People make mistakes — what a shame to do so on a world stage.

My immediate reaction was the same as yours: I’ll bet that results card wasn’t as well-formed as it should have been. I posted as much on the first site I noticed that mentioned the mishap. Something so significant, the results of a world competition, ought have a little more design effort put into it. A properly formed results card would have alleviated the chance for such a mistake. Being on stage is stressful enough, so don’t make things one iota more complicated than necessary.

Harvey did the right thing: he took responsibility. This should go down as a lesson to others about design. It matters. The failure to to acknowledge that can affect things — sometimes dramatically so.

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