Whether we know it or not our words & thoughts shape our life and destiny.

No matter what you call yourself, christian, bhuddist, zen, spiritualist, medium, devine being, they all have one belief in common- that is that our thoughts and words have power over our lives.. Scripture says that “we call things as though they are” when we meditate we focus on how we feel if we already had the things we are trying to manifest.

Another common theme with any soul focused, spiritual thought process is that we are all “devine, holy entities” So let me ask you this- how do you actually talk about yourself/life? Do you keep talking about how you can’t afford that holiday, you’ll never make the money you want, find the partner of your dreams etc etc… Keep talking & thinking like that & you won’t have what you desire. Is that how you talk about something that is devine??

If that is you, time to start talking positively about yourself & your life!

Don’t focus or keep talking on the negative because eventually that’s all you have.

The time for greatness is now!!

Love & Light


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