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One of my experiences at Disney World was my return to test track. This ride especially appealed to me for multiple reasons. The first was because it was the only attraction that I could remember from my first experience at Disney as a child. I had not been in over ten years, yet I still remember the experience very well. Test track also appeals to me because I personally have a love for cars, and so an attraction designed as a car ride charms me greatly. I also do not like roller coasters, but with the disguise of an automobile’s test track lessons the scare for me with Disney’s complete sensual immersion. The idea that Disney’s simulates this experience with overstimulation is the reason that it becomes something that the consumer has never experienced before. I was able to ride a roller coaster because my senses had been altered by the architecture.

An experience that was disappointing was my first impression of Disneyland. Upon arrival to LAX, my interaction with Disney was very different from that in Orlando. The signs in the airport were small and peeling, the bus only came hourly, the bus was dirty, and our driver never welcomed us or presented himself. Also, there was a sign on the bus that claimed Disney did not pay their drivers enough, and that they depended on tips. Since Anaheim does not claim as many international visitors as Orlando, I was willing to overlook the poor introduction. However, when I entered the park for the first time, I was underwhelmed by the size and cleanliness of the parks. There was an abundance of litter, the castle was half the size of Florida’s and cast members did exemplify Disney’s four customer service keys.

The reason I was unhappy with this experience at Disney was possibly because I had such high expectations, or possibly because the park was not Disney standard adequate. Having come from such an incredible example of a theme park, I subconsciously prepared myself for a similar visit. Even after some time, after the park grew on me, I was still disappointed. Disney prides themselves on their exceptional service, classic parks and an overall unbeatable vacation. If Disney were to put in the same amount of effort as they do in Florida, their California park could be just as popular. The price of a ticket is the same, so it is possible. Even though Disneyland is a theme park that is desirable, it is not quite up to the high Disney standard.

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