Chocolate for when Emma is having a bad day, and even more chocolate if her day is good.


Emma believes everyday is a special occasion. She does not need a particular reason to treat herself to some chocolate.

She buys chocolate in Godiva stores when she is on the go, and she stocks up on some more chocolate when she is doing her groceries. It’s important to always have some chocolate on hand, for potential emergency needs you know.

Emma’s favourite aisle in the supermarket (source)

On any given day, Emma would walk past a Godiva store and stop to buy a cone of chocolate dipped strawberries because seriously, she can’t see why she should wait for Valentine’s Day for that.

Emma really loves her chocolate strawberries (source)

Rushing to work and no time to have breakfast? She would make a quick stop at Godiva to get a delicious rich hot cocoa.


Girls night in? Huge chocolate box to share while getting updates on everyone’s lives.


Emma is just that addicted. But what she enjoys even more than the actual taste of chocolate is the design and packaging around it. If it looks pretty, it tastes even better. That’s why for her, no one does it better than Godiva.

Oh and did we mention? Emma is also pretty addicted to social media. Don’t you dare start destroying that swirling whipped cream on top of your cocoa drink before she gets her perfect shot for Instagram!

Emma is your ideal customer. She enjoys your products and will proudly say it on Facebook. She will also buy more from you so she can add pretty content to her Instagram feed. Yep, that’s right, Emma really likes chocolate.

But first, Instagram! (source)

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #Luxemarketing #NCStateGLM