The Origin To Most Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain.

Part 1 of 2

There are tons of sites online offering advice on how to prevent injury. Most sites will relay the same old thing; stretch, warm up, wear appropriate clothes, take time off and strengthen muscles. However, they never explain how most injuries started to begin with.

It can be very obvious that some injuries such as a hit in football or a slam into the boards in hockey can cause injury. But what about the other injuries that “just happen to develop?”

The reason why most injury happens is due to an electrical short circuit from the brain to the muscle or muscle groups. The brain is designed to send an electrical signal (neurological signal) to the muscle. The faster the signal that is sent, the faster the muscle can contract. (A contraction is basically a strengthening of the muscle)

Muscles are designed to contract or relax, that’s pretty much it. The faster the muscle receives that electrical signal from the brain the faster it can contract. The faster it can contract, the more force the muscle can absorb.

Muscles are designed to absorb force. The more force the muscle can absorb the less force will go into the joint. Joints are made up of two bones coming together along with the tendons, ligaments, fascia and cartridge. They all are not designed to absorb force.

Force that isn’t properly absorbed can cause friction in the joints between the bones, tension to the ligaments and tendons and cause stress to the fascia and cartridge. If continuous, this can cause inflammation within the joint as well as damage to the soft tissue of the joint.

Now here comes the explanation that I’m sure you’ve never heard of. Where you are feeling the pain is where the damage ENDED…not where it began. This is the key in locating the origin of the problem because many times that is where the problem began.

By properly locating the origin of the pain, we now can develop a protocol to turn that electrical signal back on whereby the muscle can now operate properly by stabilizing that area.

The reason why many injuries start out small and grow into more serious conditions is because your body begins to compensate your posture to protect you from further damage. As time develops, that compensation pattern helps at the beginning but slowly produces stress and pressure to other areas of you body and they begin to breakdown as well.

In part II I will explain how you can eliminate these types of compensations and pain from your life.

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