The Ironic Power of White Privilege
Austin Null

Thank you for this Austin! I’m in an interracial relationship. I’m African American and my husband is white. He speaks fluent Spanish (self taught) and has been around Hispanic/African Americans his whole life, kind of like your story. So it was a little while before he understood what white privilege meant. He saw racism as something he couldn’t possibly be helping to contribute to because of how free and open to learning about other cultures he was. It was amazing seeing him transform right in front of my eyes. Sometimes I feel like he’s more “woke” and up to date on his knowledge in racial studies than I am now!

So I wanted to say how much it means for us to have people realize that black people haven’t been hooping and hollering for hundreds of years not to be heard. It’s a beautiful thing to feel heard, especially when it comes from your husband. Britt made a great choice. God bless y’all!

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