Old Spice Gives Men the Confidence They Need.

In this commercial, Old Spice deodorant is being advertised. The commercial takes places in an interview room with a man interviewing another man. As the interview goes on, the men’s heads begin to sink into their suits, through their pants, onto the floor, and switch places with each other. After this strange exchange, the men each have each other’s head. This now turns the man that was being interviewed into the boss. This ad uses Carl Jung’s technique of advertising by telling a story and uses the appeal, need to achieve, along with the strange flipping of heads to fully grasp the viewers attention and make them remember the brand.

The ad uses the appeal, need to achieve, to show the man being interviewed becoming the boss. The ad is sending the message that because he wore old spice deodorant he is better than everyone else and not only deserves to be hired, but deserves to be the boss. This ad is also very successful because it forces people to stop and watch. When viewers see the heads of two men slowly sinking down into their suits, it makes them want to watch and find out what this ad is for. By making such a memorable commercial, Old Spice is getting its name out there and people will recognize the brand because of this strange commercial.

The target audience for this product is men ages 20–40 years old. This sends the message to men around this age that Old Spice will give them the confidence they need to succeed. Men at this age are looking for jobs and going through many interviews, this commercial encourages them to buy the product and promises that they will be more likely to achieve their goals by wearing this deodorant.

Overall, this ad does a great job of catching the viewers attention and using many techniques to get the point across. By using Carl Jung’s technique of telling a story, the ad creates something that people will remember as the story with the two heads switching places. The ad also gives men the confidence they need to be the best and surpass their competitors with the use of Old Spice.

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