The SkyWise Forecast Process

Lee Robb
Lee Robb
Oct 6, 2017 · 2 min read

The SkyWise Forecast Process is one of WDT’s oldest systems in existence. Beginning as a simple process to generate forecasts for a few thousand points in the United States, it has been polished for over ten years and by millions of users into something quite remarkable. Initially based off of a single data source, we now combine four different models with our custom algorithms to generate one of the most accurate forecasts in existence.

Points Around the World

We currently generate forecasts for over 120,000 points around the world including:

  • All known weather station locations
  • All cities with population more than 20,000
  • Custom points (Wind Farms, Agriculture areas)

We then provide a grid over the rest of the world to ensure that we have points over oceans, deserts, and other remote areas.

Visualizing 130,000+ Points

The image below shows all of the points that we have over part of North America. As you can see, they are so dense that it’s hard to make out where the points are located.

Let’s zoom in a little over the Omaha / Des Moines region:

Again the points are so numerous that it’s hard to make out the rest of the map. How about India?

Let’s zoom into New Delhi:

All of this data is available via API.

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