It’s been a year since I became an engineering manager, and I’ve been thinking about what lessons I’ve learned. A year may sound like a short time, but it feels like ages. It’s hard to even remember what it was like to be an individual contributor on the team. I’ve developed a lot of new skills over the past year, but I think the best thing I’ve gained is a new perspective.

Managing a team and a project forces you to understand the whole process of shipping software, especially the role humans play. …

Last week the Firefox for Android team got together in San Francisco for a hack week. Our goal was to make progress on projects related to increasing user engagement, particularly around saving and revisiting content. And progress was made!

Rethinking Reading List

As mentioned on our mailing list, we decided to retire our current implementation of the Reading List, and replace it with a simpler way for users to save Reader View page for offline use.

Margaret Leibovic

Director of Engineering at @joinleague. Previously @mozilla. I like building products and teams.

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