Get the garbage can

Get the what I say, somewhat to myself? The garbage can. I’m in gym class again and instead of loving it I’m … What am I? I’m dreading it? I’m tolerating it? I’m not sure.

When I was in school I used to like gym class. I was never a top athlete but I was not the last to be picked for the team. Fast forward, 24 years. Add on a few more ponds. Subtract a few runs. Add on a few years of working at a desk. What do you have? Me. Not out of shape because we all have a shape but rather a person who just has not cared that much about exercise.

Back to the garbage can. I’m in PE feeling a bit like the big kid may of felt when gym time came around. Do I look like I will be the one who will need the garbage can? Maybe. But this is what I learned that day. It’s all in how you go about things. It’s all about taking things in bits not junks. Rome was not built in a day, they say. Nor does change happen all at once. It’s all about learning to pace yourself. If your pace is too fast -garbage can. If it’s too slow you are cheating yourself. Find YOUR pace. It’s not about what others can do it’s about what you can do. If you do you just might find that you can increase the pace. That’s what I learned in PE lab today.

Pace Yourself.
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