I have a nickel ~ p1

5 Penny Candies

My name is Michael and I got a nickel”, so goes the famous, Clint Holmes song. Except I never knew it was a famous song of the 70’s. To me it is a childhood memory that came in the form of a fisher-price music box.

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Childhood memories are tricky things. As a child we remember things differently than they actually were. When I was a child I thought that fisher-price toy and song was made just for me. Really I did. fyi — I was a youngest. Not only is Michael my name the song it self just fit me. It was ‘My’ song. Maybe my mom thought the same on some level as well. The reality — the end of innocence — is though the song was some one hit wonder of a hippy age. It was not about me but some other person. But still that song and memory of playing with that toy has stayed with me. It reminds me of good times. The time when you think that the world is perfect and no problems exist. A time when big sisters are ones to look up too. A time where fathers and mothers could do no wrong. A time you think will never end.

Innocence is a great blessing for a child. And by innocence I don’t mean perfectness or without fault. Any parent knows kids are not perfect but there is a certain innocence that kids have, if only for a short time. It is the innocence of children which, trusts people, loves people, embraces life, and believes the impossible. An innocence that the world needs more of. It sees not so much the right or wrong but what is life-giving and fun.

When I was a child my dad used to give me a nickel to go and spend at the corner store. This was back in the day when a nickel could buy 5 penny candies. What’s a penny you ask? Google it. Back to the story. As a kid 5 penny candies was awesome to me. I can remember singing the song and walking to the store. Life was great. I learned later in life one of the lyrics to my song. It goes like this…

When this old world gets me down
And there’s no love to be found
I close my eyes and soon I find
I’m in a playground in my mind
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

If I close my eyes I can picture my sister, my father, my mother and they are smiling at me. Maybe you can do the same. We need to hold onto these times of innocence bliss. We also need to learn how to walk in childlike innocence.

As I think about and read about child development I can’t help but think we can learn a lot from children. This to me is one of the main lessons in learning more about this topic. It is the lesson of learning from children not just about children.

Kids are not theories to be discussed or stages to be labeled. Let us study child development not to find ways for us to jam our great knowledge into them or to see how they walk around the rat trap but rather let us study children to relearn what it is like to be one. To re-capture what it means to walk in innocence. To walk through the world with eyes wide open. To believe the impossible.

My name is Michael and thats my nickel. What’s your nickel?

Here is a link to the song


Here is a link to a picture of the toy.