What it’s like to bootstrap a startup far from a startup hub city
Saul Fleischman

First, I love your app and will be recommending (have been) to many entrepreneurs. Once feature I wish was built in was the ability to view hashtags by order of your ranking criteria for getting viewed (good, great, less chance… sorta thing).

Second, the issue you present is problem but you should note that there are other startups… MindValley as an exceptional example, who are getting great exposure despite being outside the valley. The key seems to be in the network. What you need is a nexus broker.

Third, have you tried a professional consumers rather than journalists… prominent bloggers or social media managers who can spread testimony and word of mouth? Tweet them, offer a free trial if you haven’t (I am sure you probably have, but just putting it out there in case). Do you know the social media for non-profit blog? It is very very well read and I see a direct link with what you have to offer. So don’t get hung up on Huff Post…. k?

best wishes!