A love for pizza sizzles into a passion for business

Let’s face it, you’ve probably been on at least one horrible date in your life. If I’m wrong, then you are definitely one of the lucky ones! First dates can often be awkward and downright uncomfortable. Could you even imagine having a first date so incredible that you and your date decided to start a business together? When Gavin Fedorak and Braede Harris met for their first date they probably couldn’t have envisioned that years later they would be running a successful pizza joint together as a couple. Not only did they both find love on this date, they discovered a profitable business venture. If that’s not the most romantic first date story you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is! Not only is it romantic but their business idea is really taking off. Edmonton is known for its pizza and LOVEPIZZA is definitely melting its way into the marketplace.

“We really want to create a company that we’re really proud of”

As Gavin and Braede dated they travelled the globe together. In each city they would always stop to find the city’s best pizza. Couples all have unique things they enjoy doing together and for this couple, it was pizza. Jokingly they mentioned opening a pizza joint together but as the years passed their jokes became a little more serious. When they finally committed to the idea of starting a business the doors of LOVEPIZZA opened only a short 10 months later! With their passion for pizza and their support from one another they were able to expedite what can often be a very lengthy process. Now that their doors are open the brand and ambiance this couple has created is rather remarkable. Their Instagram worthy restaurant has drawn in customers due to its unique vibe and its build your own pizza bar. If all this isn’t incredible enough, LOVEPIZZA also uses local and fresh ingredients to support other Edmonton business owners. They realize the importance of helping business owners within the city and are advocates for helping causes within their community. Braede and Gavin have really created a company to be proud of. You could never have guessed that LOVEPIZZA is the first restaurant this couple has opened together. They have a natural sense for entrepreneurship and a strong commitment to community forcing any competitor to notice the strides this young business has made.

Your business becomes your baby

As entrepreneurs we often refer to the business we have worked so hard on as our “baby.” LOVEPIZZA became Gavin and Braede’s baby but right around the time of the restaurant opening they welcomed their own child into the world. Raising a baby and growing a business can seem overwhelming to many, but it seems this couple can overcome any challenges when they work together. Gavin and Braede have shown that with enough love for your business and your team the opportunities are endless.

Things to consider

If you are an entrepreneur here are some things to consider:

  • Surround yourself with a team you can trust. We’re not suggesting that everyone should start a business with their significant other but rather ensure you are surrounding yourself with individuals who will support you through the good and the bad
  • Ensure your business supports local entrepreneurs in your community. If you support a local business, chances are they will offer you that same support in return
  • Try not to overthink your business idea. Often the greatest ideas are the simplest and they stem from passion which can never be forced

Here is how you can learn more about LOVEPIZZA: